CliC Australia

CLiC Products and Mounts

Solve the 3 most common problems you encounter when fastening cables and pipes to ensure you achieve, Lower costs, Faster installation & Easier mounting.


  • CLiC TOP

    CLiC TOP has many favourable properties including: Chemical resistance, Weatherproofing ,Corrosion resistance, Fire protection, Halogen-free and phosphate-free, Noise absorption & easy single handed installation.

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  • Clic Fastening System

    Irregular wall distances? Various fastening points next to each other? Cables on pipes or pipes on pipes? Clic Fastening System offers a solution for your application.

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  • CLiC Mounting System

    More than just a pipe clamp, CLiC is a comprehensive and unique mounting system with perfectly matched components for individual use or as a pre-assembled set.

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