CliC Australia

Why CLiC?

Solve the 3 most common problems you encounter when fastening cables and pipes to ensure you achieve, Lower costs, Faster installation & Easier mounting.


Manufactured to the most stringent tolerances under ISO 9001, CLiC pipe and cable clamps ensure a uniformly manufactured product that provides performance integrity.

This high quality also ensures:

With a large range of diameters ranging from 8.0mm up to 127mm, the CLiC range of products are suitable for a wide range of applications across almost every industry sector.

Less installation and handling

Requiring only single-handed operation, the CLiC clamp significantly reduces installation but provides a very secure locking system for cable or pipe.

Even though it locks securely, the CLiC clamp is opened very easily when required.

All CLiC clamps have international certification for fire and are halogen-free and CFC-free, ensuring they are the preferred choice for use in tunnels, mines and many confined-space applications.


CLiC round standoff designed to attach radiating cables in tunnels received one of the most coveted prizes in the world for outstanding design: The Red Dot award.

This quality seal for good design is awarded annually by a panel of experts to products characterised by sophisticated and innovative design.